September 9, 2020

Lindsey Graham Announces Release Of Lyric Video For Her New Patriotic CD

 Christian musician and recording artist Lindsey Graham has announced the release of her newest project entitled This Is My Country.  In conjunction with the album she is also releasing the lyric video for the title cut.

This new CD is filled with songs of faith and freedom, and serves as a tribute to our Country, first responders, and those who serve us so selflessly.  Each cut was beautifully orchestrated and arranged by Nashville producer Jason Webb, and highlights Lindsey’s powerful vocals. The collaboration has created a unique and timeless work.

Lindsey said of the project, “What a timely season for songs of faith and freedom, God and Country! We hope to encourage national patriotism and renewed faith in God through this album.”

From beloved classics like You’re a Grand Old Flag and God Bless America, to newer country classic God Bless the USA, Lindsey stays true to the original songs while adding her own signature vocal clarity, purity and strength. Lindsey chose to highlight the title cut “This Is My Country” with a newly created lyric video that vividly portrays the beauty of our country and those who serve her.