September 14, 2020

Matt Hammitt And Family Featured On ABC's Good Morning America


Matt Hammitt, formerly of Sanctus Real fame, was featured on ABC's Good Morning America on the morning of September 9 to celebrate the 10th birth of his son, Bowen. ABC first featured Hammitt's story ten years ago, chronicling Bowen's struggles with a congenital heart condition that threatened his life even before he was born. Bowen has since gone on to overcome challenge after challenge over the past ten years, undergoing 3 open heart sugeries. Bowen has followed in his father's footsteps and developed a heart for music, with his debut EP releasing last year entitled Safe Right Here. 

The whole Hammitt family got to return to Good Morning America to give an update on Bowen's health and the amazing ways in which he's astonishing his doctors today. Sarah Hammitt spoke of how all the milestones that they feared Bowen may not get to experience, one by one, are giving the hope that they are possible for him. Bowen, for his part, got to demonstrate that despite his extraordinary struggles he's overcome, for his birthday, he still wants to do the fun things any 10-year-old does. 

The ABC team surprised Bowen and the Hammitts with a gift to celebrate the occassion and the morning show anchors were moved with the boy's infectious spirit. 

Matt Hammitt also has a new single out this week entitled "Try," from his forthcoming album. The song is a proclaimation of hope in overcoming struggle, no doubt influenced greatly by everything the Hammitts have had to overcome these past ten years.