October 30, 2020

Carl Ray's Single "I Stand With This Country" Offers Comfort During Difficult Times

 Country music singer/songwriter Carl Ray’s latest single “I Stand With This Country” is quickly becoming a fan favorite offering hope and unity to listeners near and far. Carl Ray puts his God-given talents to good use, echoing prosperity and comfort to bring fans together with distinguished lyrics and heartfelt emotion. Each and every one of us deals with strife in various ways, but it takes that one song to come along and heal us all the same. “I Stand With This Country” is available to download and stream on all digital services now.

“Carl Ray’s ‘I Stand for This Country’ is the modern anthem for what loving America is all about. We were founded as a country One Nation Under God and Carl’s emotion, heart and conviction can be felt in every verse. When I listen to this song, it moves you to rekindle the love for our America and to pray for her every day.” 

"Today and tomorrow I will pray for civility to be resurrected from the shadows. I hope that love will no longer be marginalized and silenced. That it will overtake us all. I have unwavering hope that we will claim for ourselves and the lives of others peace and hope for every woman, man, and child. That we all make a commitment to eradicate hatred and we become our brother’s keeper and that we will leave a better world for our children and their children,” declares Ray.

Peace and solace are found in the voice of a man who has never stopped believing in people, music, and the heart of his country. Carl Ray uses his tenor appeal to express a prayer for the nation to fill itself with love, respect, and hope no matter the situation. Mentored by the late, great Johnny Nash, Carl Ray has been given crucial advice from the legendary Garth Brooks and has often been compared to the emotive Vince Gill. With all these attributes combined, Carl Ray lays it all on the table in, “I Stand With This Country.”

"This single is a clarion call to this end. God has the whole world in His hands, but we have a role to play in changing our world and it starts with changing our hearts and minds.”