October 12, 2020

Endless Highway Releases New Single ‘He Rescued Me’

 The Griggs family that makes up the Southern Gospel group known as Endless Highway is known for combining diverse musical styles with compelling songs that communicate meaning and reflect on their personal journeys in Christ. It’s music with a message, intended to reach listeners, followers of Christ and those searching for redemption. The group’s new single, “He Rescued Me” is no different.

Showing a different side than their roots, acoustic treatment of songs, “He Rescued Me” is an ardent band performance that uses a string quartet and is arranged in a way that exudes boldness. The result is both tender and intense.

The Griggs family members —parents Jason and Venessa and their two children, Jay and Allison—deliver a four-part harmony chorus that gives a controlled, powerful dynamism meant to capture the redemptive moment of Grace over sin that comes with freedom in Christ.

“Then He rescued me

I’m glad He rescued me

From the cold dark waters of sin’s troubled sea

Jesus rescued me

I have new life I am free

When he reached down in love

And He rescued me”

With Allison Griggs singing lead vocals, “He Rescued Me” is an updated rendition of a powerful song the group heard decades ago.

“The Gospel message in this song is still relevant today,” says Jason Griggs. “Whether you are drowning in a sea of sin, guilt, oppression, or addiction, God always hears the desperate cry of His children and stands ready to save, deliver, and liberate the captive. This song gives hope to the enslaved and is the testimony of the rescued.”