October 19, 2020

Hollywood filmmaker says ‘faith is what should keep us going’ in 2020; releases new movie '2 Hearts'

 Filmmaker Lance Hool says the message of faith and love in his new film "2 Hearts" released in theaters one night only on Friday is something the world really needs to see in these times. 

Hool, who produced the blockbuster film “Man of Fire,” tells the true story of two couples whose journeys lead them to a life-saving miracle of love and purpose. In theaters on Oct. 16, the film is inspired by Jorge and Leslie Bacardi of the famous Bacardi brand.

"The people that came on board to make this picture with me, everyone that read the screenplay, said, 'I've got to do this because this is really a great movie to be in because it really comes from the heart,'” Hool told The Christian Post in an interview. 

Hool, who has a multifaceted background in Hollywood, having worked as an actor, writer, director, and producer, said “2 Hearts” is about “love and faith, and goodness and living a meaningful life.” 

“Charismatic young Australian actor Jacob Elordi (‘Deep Water’) plays Chris, a college freshman whose love for a spirited classmate played by Tiera Skovbye (‘Riverdale’) helps him find the purpose he has been searching for. In another place and time, Adan Canto (‘Designated Survivor’) plays Cuban exile Jorge, who falls for well-traveled flight attendant Leslie, played by Radha Mitchell (‘The Shack’). Though they were never meant to meet, fate has something entirely unexpected in store for both couples that dramatically changes the course of their lives,” the film’s synopsis explains.

The director said everyone involved in the film was happy to be there every day because they all held the belief that they collectively were doing something important. 

"To see the result and to see how the audiences are taking to it, it's an honor,” Hool said. “I feel honored.”