December 16, 2020

Anthony Davis Departs Tribute Quartet


Anthony Davis shares that he has resigned from his bass vocalist position with Tribute Quartet and will not be returning after the group’s Christmas break.

Anthony, who joined the group in January 2011, states, “My decision to leave Tribute was not an easy one, nor was it made without a great deal of prayer and consideration. To everything in life there is a season, but this – one of the most treasured seasons of my life – has drawn to a close. My heart will always be in music ministry and performance, and it has been nothing short of an honor to serve the Kingdom this way over the past decade. My sincere hope is that the Lord allows fresh opportunities in the future to use the talents He has so graciously given me. I want to thank my peers, mentors, and fans for the incredible love and support over the last ten years. And finally, I pray God’s blessing over Tribute Quartet, as they continue ministering through the music I’ll always love.”