December 4, 2020

Best Christmas Songs for 2020


Christmas is less than a month away. As early as October, we have been inundated with new festive worship. With the church's worship (both congregational and personal) in mind, here's our favorite Christmas tunes for 2020:

7. Tasha Layton "Comfort and Joy"

While many Christmas offerings lean towards caricature coming across as mawkish, "Comfort and Joy" captures the heartaches many people face during this season with specificity, honesty and palatability. And when she sings about the joy the Christ-child brings, there is such a refreshing air of hope.

6. Philippa Hanna and Graham Kendrick "Thorns in the Straw"

Without the cross and resurrection, Jesus' birth will be that of any child. Thus, for Christmas songs to impact us with the Gospel, the cross needs to be part of the rhetoric. Kendrick and Hanna do this beautifully, poetically, and seamlessly.

5.  The McClures "Heart Sings Hallelujah"

If you want a new Christmas singalong that is not overtly sentimental but one that also has theological depth, check this one out! Bethel Music's the McClures know that a great hook can be Gospel-laden too.

4. Tommee Profitt and Stanaj "Noel (He is Born)"

15 years in the making, Tommee Profitt has created a contemporary cinematic offering of "Noel" that defies genre and time. With an additional newly written bridge that gets us to worship along, this is the type of worship music that will get the traditionalists enthused as well.

3. Passion featuring Chidima "Grace of God"

Worship leaders looking for a big ballad with a belting chorus steeped in Gospel truth will find "Grace of God" checks all the right boxes and more.

2. JJ Weeks "Even in the Manger"

The sovereignty of God manifest in baby Jesus is not a theme that has been given much articulation in music. Based on this point alone, not even counting how convincing and passion Weeks' vocals are, "Even in the Manger" is a vital addition to the canon of Christmas worship music.

1. Matthew West "The Hope of Christmas"

 "The Hope of Christmas" contains all the ingredients of the perfect Christmas song: deeply personal, intricately detailed, and gloriously Christ-centred with a nostalgic-esque melody to boot; Christmas music can't get better than this.