December 4, 2020

MercyMe Say I Won't


Recently named Billboard's Top Christian Artist of the 2010s, GRAMMY-nominated, multiple American Music Award and Dove Award-winning band MercyMe is pleased to present “Say I Won’t” – impacting radio on January 29!


“Say I Won’t” was inspired by the story of Gary Miracle, who worked with the band for many years on the road.  Miracle lost both arms and legs in January of 2020 after falling into septic shock.  His story is one of strength and profound faith, told in part by himself and through imagery in the video.  The video captures vulnerable and victorious moments including watching Gary put on his prosthetic arms for the first time, re-learning to write, and declaring that he will walk again!  The lyrics in the song, mixed with the images in the video fully capture the depth of Miracle's suffering, while shining light on God’s ability to turn any tragedy into a stunning victory through perseverance.  Bart Millard told Fox News yesterday, “it's incredibly overwhelming to see Gary's situation, but to watch his wife and kids... what they're going through and standing by and supporting him is mind blowing - it feels like it's a whole other level of love.”