January 19, 2021

Gas Street Music Releases Integrity Music UK Debut Single "Praise To You Alone"

 Gas Street Music has partnered with Integrity Music UK to release their debut single for the imprint. "Praise To You Alone" (LISTEN HERE) is the first single to be released from 'Rewilding' - the debut EP by Gas Street Music who represent the worship community of Gas Street Church in Birmingham, UK.

Inspired by the dramatic transformation brought about by a couple who undertook the task of 'rewilding' their land in the south of England, the worship ministry community at Gas Street began their own process of taking down figurative fences and allowing the unprepared and the unprescribed to spring up, in pursuit of fresh songs born from organic and spontaneous moments of worship. Through the discipline of stepping back, and the obedience of surrender, they went about unearthing the natural sounds of God's people, rooted in the soil of the city in which their church ministers, and reflecting the diversity of their church community, and their heart for the people of Birmingham.

Tim Hughes, Vicar of Gas Street Church and part of the Gas Street Music collective says:

"I believe there is a rewilding process that needs to take place in our churches... Of course, I passionately believe the Spirit breathes on and works through our prayerful preparation. But I am convinced the great need for the Church today is to see the Spirit of the Living God being given freedom to lead and move. We need more disruption. More honest and passionate expressions of our love and devotion. More mess. More risk."

Gas Street Music's forthcoming EP 'Rewilding' steps into the wilderness of the "wide open space" we read about in scripture, with the anticipation of hearing the rising song of hearts tuning into the voice of the Holy Spirit.

'Praise To You Alone' specifically focuses on Jesus being the revelation of God's unconditional love. In their words, "He's the centre of our worship, and we'd be lost without the gospel narrative which gives our worship holy direction." This song signals the community's desire to push into some new territory sonically, and plants a marker in the ground for the inspired and inspiring music they're set to release this year.