January 22, 2021

Jason Castro, Danny Gokey, Sean Lowe & Others Contribute to I Am Second's "I Found Love" Book

 Filled with powerful stories of men and women in the public eye who have broken the barriers of divorce, addiction, racism, abuse, miscarriage, shame and more, I Found Love: True Stories of Discovering Love, Belonging and Friendship, was released Jan. 12 from global storytelling organization I Am Second. I Found Love is authored by Doug Bender, I Am Second's Chief Content Writer, and published by Nelson Books.

"If you're surrounded but alone, 'liked' but unloved, continually sending the world your message but feeling always unheard, then you need the stories in this book," writes Bender. "If busyness has taken the place of connection and if virtual friends have replaced real ones, then these stories of genuine love are for you."

I Found Love is a different kind of love story. The book tells the accounts of people who searched and searched for meaning and fulfillment and only found it when they put their trust in Christ.

I Found Love includes raw and compelling anecdotes from Seconds who have found life-changing love, belonging and friendship, including:

• Bachelor contestant Sean Lowe

• Mike Fisher, former NHL player, and his wife Carrie Underwood, singer and songwriter

• Actors and artists David and Tamela Mann

• American Idol contestants and singers Danny Gokey and Jason Castro

• Michael Kent, former Neo-Nazi, and Tiffany Whitter, probation officer

• Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long

• Marine and MMA fighter Chad Robichaux

"You are loved-even if you don't feel it. You are liked-even if you haven't seen a thumbs-up in weeks," writes Bender. "A community is here for you, a people ready to say, 'You are one of us.' 'You belong' is the message of this book. 'You are loved' is its anthem. In these pages, you'll discover broken hearts healed, broken homes rebuilt, and broken lives resurrected."

I Found Love is the fourth book from I Am Second and will release Jan. 21, 2021, from Nelson Books.