February 4, 2021

Joseph Habedank Releases Lyric Video for ‘Goliath’


Joseph Habedank’s latest single, “Goliath”, is something we can all relate to: facing down the giants in our lives. Here’s Joseph talking about the writing of the song:

“After a concert, I like to go back to my hotel room and unwind watching TV. I saw a commercial for a TV show called Goliath that I had never seen before. I thought it was an amazing idea for a Gospel song. I started thinking about all the giants we face in our lives, and I took the idea to Daniel Doss and Sue Smith. I walked into the co-writing session, and told them I wanted to write a song about Goliath. Daniel said, “that’s so crazy. I’m reading a book about Goliath right now.” I just knew it was a God thing.

We wrote this, and I forgot about it. When I’m writing for an album, I typically write 50 to 100 songs. I’ll never forget sitting at the Dallas Airport listening to the demo from Daniel, and I knew we had to cut it even though we had already picked the songs for the Deeper Oceans project. Sue was in the audience the first time I performed this song. She said it was so fun to see the audience react to the last line: I know my Goliath is coming down.

“Many thanks to the DJs that are playing it and to Sue and Daniel for writing it with me.”