April 19, 2021

Classic Artists Music Group and Jay Humphreys Trio Announce Music Partnership


The Classic Artists Music Group and Jay Humphreys Family jointly announce an exclusive music partnership that covers recording, ministry development, music outreach and focused ventures to grow and expand the Jay Humphreys Trio music ministry.

Griffin states, “Being part of the Classic Artists Music Group on Chime Records label is a commitment on our part to work growing their fan base, having an increased social media presence, working with radio, television and print media for music awareness. The Jay Humphreys Trio fits perfectly into the Classic Artists Music Group family.”

JHT leader Jay Humphreys says, “ We are excited about this partnership. We have known Charlie for a long time and see the quality footprint that is being made with the Classic Artists Music Group family. We are wanting to grow our music outreach in all facets, and this is the perfect next step for us.”

A classic camp meeting song “The Ticket Song” is the new release to radio, television and social media. The song is off a new CD project aptly named SING ABOUT GOING HOME. The project contains 12 songs that are currently receiving favorable reviews from family and gospel music enthusiasts. The project reflects the musical tastes that has made West Virginia a southern gospel hotbed for many years.

West Virginia is known for producing some tremendous southern gospel music talents. Squire Parsons, Conrad Cook and the Calvary Echoes or the Calvarymen Qt, Ernie Phillips, Harold Lane, Gospel Harmony Boys, Perry Sisters, Sonny Sites, promoter Barbara Sites, Royalmen, Crossmen, Good News Singers, Pattons and a host of other groups.

One group was the Jim Humphreys Family who made their mark in southern gospel music in the Tri-state Mid-Atlantic region. Jim Humphreys is noted for his time with the Calvarymen Qt during the Conrad Cook/ Squire Parsons era. Later he continued the music tradition with the Good News Singers and eventually the Jim Humphreys Family. Pure southern gospel with a touch of camp meeting became the staples of a Jim Humphreys Family concert.

Today the Jay Humphreys Trio carries on that family tradition. Rooted in southern gospel music as a child, Jay toured with his Dad and family while honing his vocal and music skills. Over forty years Jay has traveled sharing his brand of gospel music.

Humphreys states, “The Lord has opened another door for me and my daughters, Cassie and Cloe to sing.  My wife, Melanie plays a vital role in the family group also.  I am  excited to be able to travel with this family. It is a privilege to carry on the Humphreys singing tradition with the third generation of what was started over 30 years ago.”

The Jay Humphreys Trio mission is to be an instrument for Christ and to the up-building of His Kingdom and to see people uplifted. In person, online concerts, social media or on audio recordings the message is clear and distinct. They are presenting hope and a message of a saving and loving Christ to a hurting world.

More information on the group is available at their website or other social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter)