April 26, 2021

Michael Land Standing On Truth


For years, Michael Land has been building a name for himself as a soulful pop artist with the unique ability to connect to a broad audience, including opening for notable artists like Rob Thomas and performing at hundreds of events each year for people of all walks of life. Although Michael grew up singing in church and had a lot of spiritual ‘head knowledge’, his foundation began to crumble as he began to believe the lie of relative truth and his life began spiraling downward.

By God’s grace, he began to slowly ask questions about Jesus and started making his way back to God’s Word for answers. That’s when something significant happened. A new passion to sing and write about his faith started to flow out from a real and authentic place in his heart.

This led to the release of his most recent album Standing on Truth. Michael’s new music reflects a fresh experience with God’s life-changing resurrection power.

When Michael is not singing and writing music he can be found playing basketball with his five children and going on walks with his wife.

Michael Land - michaellandsmusic@gmail.com