April 8, 2021

Smoky Mountain Gospel Jubilee Celebrates 10 Years

JP Miller has a lot to smile about!  His local radio and television show celebrates 10 years on the air this month.  The Smoky Mountain Gospel Jubilee broadcasts each Monday at 6pm from Ogle Furniture Outlet on Dolly Parton Parkway in Sevierville, TN.

Ten years ago, Miller received a call from Ron Ogle.  Ron and his wife Betty are local business owners and involved in many community charities.  Ron asked JP to start a radio show on Praise 96.3/WJBZ from Ogle Furniture Outlet during the week.  Ogle asked Miller to call his gospel music friends and have them appear on the show and he would pay for everything.  He envisioned a “Cass Walker” type show where the public could watch the radio program live.

Miller states:  “When Ron asked me to do the show, I thought it would last a few months.  I had no idea what we had on our hands!”  The program was an instant hit.  Since that first program, people have flocked to the Ogle Furniture Outlet on Monday nights at 6pm for the Smoky Mountain Gospel Jubilee.  It has become a staple in the community for locals and tourists alike.  The show became so popular they decided to put it on television and Facebook Live.

Over that past decade, over 70,000 people have attended in person with over 400 different gospel music artists and guests appearing on the program.  The show features both local and national talent.  Many headliners in the gospel music community have appeared on the show including Triumphant Quartet, The Kingdom Heirs, Tony Gore, and Phil Cross.  The program also has featured gospel music icons Calvin Newton, Ann Downing, and Sue Dodge.  There have even been some movie and television stars appearing on the show like Lu Lu Roman from Hee Haw, Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live, and Grayson Russel who has appeared in such movies as Taladega Nights and Dairy of A Wimpy Kid.

“To last on any media platform for 10 years is a real accomplishment” states Miller.  “I have many folks who help me each week to put the show together.  There are also weekly sponsors who have joined the Ogles in helping promote the show.  Tony Gore’s Smoky Mountain BBQ, KARM Thrift Store, and Riverbend Campground sponsor the program as well.”

During COVID, the show has continued to broadcast from the studio of Praise 96.3 and will return to their live format on Monday, April 12, 2021 at 6pm with special musical guest, Michael Combs.

“I would like to thank Ron and Betty Ogle for the opportunity to host this show.  It has become a part of my life and my ministry.  The program has encouraged and helped countless people.  At the end of the day, that’s all that matters anyway.  I hope we can go for another 10 years!  As long as people enjoy the program, we will keep doing it.”

For more information on the Smoky Mountain Gospel Jubilee or JP Miller visit www.jpmillerministries.com