May 24, 2021

Legacy Five & Josh Townsend Share Letter to Fans

Dear Legacy Five friends,

“Four years ago, God brought Josh Townsend to Legacy Five and he quickly became a treasured and valued member of the Legacy Five Team. His gifted piano playing, powerful testimony and fun-loving spirit instantly ingratiated him to all of us. Seasons of life are just that…seasons, and seasons change. Josh believes the seasons in his life are changing.

‘Traveling with Legacy Five over the last 4 years has given me enough incredible memories to last a lifetime. I believe that God is beginning a new season for me and changing my professional direction. For now, I would like to focus primarily on the production side of my music but still hop on a bus occasionally as opportunities to do so, arise.’ —Josh Townsend

We love and appreciate Josh for sharing his amazing gifts with us the past four years and we wish him the very best in this new season.”

—Scott, Matt, Lee, Bryan and Blake