April 17, 2023

Flynt Adams "Who Walks On Water"

Soulful contemporary Christian artist Flynt Adams shares his story of God’s grace in his life with debut single Who Walks On Water. 

Those who feel like running away, feel lost in the darkness, and just want to find the way out; that’s who the debut single from Flynt Adams is for. 

Who Walks On Water tells his personal story of overcoming obstacles and leaning on his faith in God to get out of one of his darkest moments. "I had been living in sin as a born again believer, impatiently waiting on God in my life, so I went my own way,” says Flynt. “One morning when it was just me and my guitar, I got hit with a realization and was weeping about my rebellion in Christ. I wondered after all I had done if God would still take me back.” He was struck with the phrase, “How can I drown a man who walks on water?” From that, the single was born.

Signed to Private Label Artists, Flynt has been working faithfully to share his story through music. His sound is fresh and welcoming. With soaring vocals and expert musicality along with a strong rhythmic feel to drive it forward, Who Walks On Water will appeal to fans of any genre. 


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