May 21, 2023

Gospel Recording Artist Troy Richardson to Minister at The Kentucky Church of God Campmeeting

Troy Richardson of Troy Richardson Music Ministry has been invited to sing and share his music at the 2023 Kentucky Church of God State Campmeeting in Lexington, KY on Wednesday, June 14th.  Service begins at 7:00 PM EST.  Troy who is a ordained Bishop in the Church of God for many years had this to share. “We are extremely honored to share our music during this venue, and we thank God for all the doors He opens for us.”  

Troy Richardson always had a love of music.  Born in Richmond, KY he grew up listening to the “Grand Old Opry” on Saturday night with his parents.  His mother’s favorite was Kitty Wells and his dad’s was George Jones.  Music was also played in the home and he got his first guitar at age 13.  A Gene Autry guitar with Black Diamond strings. His hands would not even fit around the neck of the guitar, however he was determined to learn to play.  Nothing to compare to the Martin D28 which are commonly played today.  Troy continued playing and singing.  He played in several “bands” during his teenage years.  

Adulthood came and Uncle Sam also came calling.  Troy was drafted during the Vietnam Era and stationed in Germany.   Even though he was young, he felt it was his duty to serve his country. After leaving the service, he settled down with his wife and family but music was always part of his life. 

Although life was progressing as life does, still he felt something was missing.  The next milestone in his life was he gave his heart to the Lord.  In a little country church during a 6-week revival, he surrendered his life to Jesus and he would never look back. 

 He started singing in church and eventually began ministering in word and song for over 15 years.  His goal was to share the love of God in word and song and be a blessing to the Body of Christ.  Later in life he started writing his own songs.  His love for the Lord and his love of music have continued hand and hand as he continues to minister wherever the door is open.