October 9, 2023

Millennium Music Group

Millennium Music Group is proud to feature our artists on AirPLay Direct. We want to express our sincere gratitude for your interest in the music we offer and the artists we represent. Here you will find the latest single releases for quick and convenient download. We trust you will find music that suits your station's format as we provide a wide variety of Gospel music.

Our Millennium Music Group sampler is ready for download at www.AirPlayDirect.com/mmgsample21.  

Audio files are provided in top quality mp3 audio at 320kbps. We do continue to provide physical CD compilations upon request. If you prefer CD delivery, just let us know by calling our office at 205-662-4826 or emailing randall@wildsandassociates.com  

Millennium Music Group Premium Sampler Vol. 21

1. Brian Burchfield - In Case I Leave

2. Gena Hamilton - Don't Take Away His Job

3. Dan Looper & Mountain Sound - Good Ol' Gospel Music

4. Debbie Bennett - He Never Really Went Away

5. Dale Rochell - Old Time Feeling/Soul Fillin' Station

6. Ava Kasich - I Trust You

7. Eddy Mann - Hope Of The World

8. Chenille - Look What God's Done For Me

9. Lizzy G - They've Got To Go

10. Caruso - Give Me Jesus

11. Donna Kilmurray - Called

12. Linda Sanders - He's Been Good

13. Rick Towe - His Name Is Jesus

14. The Trinity Heirs - We're Coming Out

15. Scotty - He Knows My Name

16. Susan Manion - I'm Awake Now

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