January 17, 2024

February 2024 Crossroads Airplay Sampler

Posted and ready for download at the Airplay Direct website. For direct access to the Sampler songs click this link—


The February 2024 Crossroads Airplay Sampler has new Label Artist singles by The Kingdom Heirs, Lauren Talley, 11th Hour, Lauren, Amber & Kenna and our newest Label Artist family member Sound Street. There are also releases from our Independent Artist friends Bruce Sechrest, Jay Stone Singers, Adams Voice and the Ben Rochester Family.

You Can Access All The Music we upload to Airplay Direct from one convenient CROSSROADS LABEL GROUP page located at this URL:


Simply scroll down to the Biography section of that page. The list of available music is arranged alphabetically by Artist name. New titles are added regularly. Currently there are approximately 250 full artist albums, plus the monthly Crossroads Airplay Samplers containing our radio singles dating back to April 2015 are there.

The links located at the bottom of this message go directly to a PDF for the tray insert containing Artist name, song title, songwriter, publisher, performance rights affiliation, project title, project number and time and tempo for each song, also a jpg image to label your CD if you burn one.

We appreciate and applaud you for the very important work you do!


Jim Stover

Radio Services Director

Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing, Inc.

P.O. Box 829 Arden, NC 28704

800-966-7664 x 310  

Email  jim.stover@crossroadsmusic.com