March 22, 2024

Sound Street’s “Mountains Will Fall” is a ringing affirmation of God’s power

With a majestic orchestral flourish, the second Sonlite Records single from Sound Street centers its message right from the start, as the trio proclaims the chorus’s stirring final words, “God will move and mountains will fall.”

While Jaylie Vanderslice was front and center on the group’s debut, “Mountains Will Fall” finds her father, Jarrod, taking the leading vocal role as the orchestration subsides and the familiar strains of a Southern Gospel piano come to the fore:

When only a miracle can change what you face

And it looks like a mountain stands in your way

Remember the Master can do anything

And nothing is impossible for a child of the King

After the revelation of a first full chorus, the trio harmonies — father, daughter and family friend Ryan Bilby —persist through the confident lyric of the song’s second verse and into a crescendo of choruses that affirm the lyric’s elemental simplicity:

Mountains will fall into the sea

When we come to the Father with faith to believe

Heaven hears and answers each call

God will move and mountains will fall

“Throughout our life we are presented with trials and situations that seem insurmountable,” notes Jarrod Vanderslice. “‘Mountains Will Fall’ encourages us that nothing is impossible with God, and we will be fine because He is our Father and He cares for us. So no matter the size of your problem, trust God to move and those ‘Mountains Will Fall!'”