March 12, 2024

The Lore Family’s “Jesus Does” acknowledges His power in all things

For their first new Horizon Records single in over a year, The Lore Family has dipped into the contemporary Christian songbook for a song to rework in their own, distinctive Southern Gospel style. Written by We The Kingdom, who recorded it on a 2022 release, “Jesus Does" acknowledges His power in all things — from creating nature’s wonders to the comfort and redemption of human souls. With producer Roger Talley overseeing an arrangement that trades the original’s guitar-centered sound for prominent piano and occasional touches of pedal steel guitar — and that features each of the group taking a turn at the vocal leads — The Lore Family’s treatment infuses the familiar sounds of Southern Gospel with fresh energy, and the result is a masterful reworking that serves as a perfect start to their new year.

“It can be challenging for an artist to find their niche when it comes to gospel music — especially the genre of Southern Gospel music,” notes Fayth (Lore) Whisnant. “There are so many styles of music all across the board. It’s an eclectic genre, which is one reason why I love it! As the years have gone by, our family has come to the conclusion that it’s our desire for each song we sing to have a deep impact on the listener. No matter what style it is, the one thing that matters is that it ministers to our hearts and to the hearts of those we are singing to.

“This song is a powerful song of ministry,” she continues. “The lyrics boldly declare how Jesus Christ has victoriously set us free! It’s a song of praise! One part of the chorus says: ‘When I was a sinner, He saved me from who I was, ‘cause that’s what Jesus does.’ We can be confident that Jesus still forgives and saves sinners—because we have been there! We have been Redeemed. It is so fitting for our family to kick off this year with a victorious song of praise. We hope when you hear this song, you have to crank up the volume and lift up your hands. Our family is proud of ‘Jesus Does,’ and we can’t wait for you to hear it!”