May 3, 2024

Lisa Norris-Jackson "God Kept Me"

"God Kept Me" emerges as a vibrant and jubilant anthem of thanksgiving, tailored for individuals eager to express their gratitude towards God for their resilience and survival through life's challenges.

Lisa Norris-Jackson passionately declares, “‘God Kept Me’ is a song of testimony acknowledging every dark valley experience that God carried me through. I will never forget that it wasn’t by chance or luck but God kept me through it all.”

Featuring Jackson’s compelling vocals set against a backdrop of captivating and soulful musical arrangements, this track is guaranteed to engage listeners in a wave of joyous singing and rhythmic applause.

As you hit play, prepare yourself for an uplifting surge of praise and thankfulness that envelops you, joining Lisa Norris-Jackson in celebrating the divine providence and strength encapsulated in “God Kept Me!”