June 17, 2024

Steven Curtis Chapman "Do It Again"

Steven Curtis Chapman is back with an exhilarating new single "Do It Again." This fun, up-tempo track is infused with contagious energy and showcases Chapman's signature blend of uplifting lyrics and captivating melodies. 

With "Do It Again," Chapman takes his artistry to new heights, delivering a song that is both refreshingly modern and deeply rooted in his well-loved sound. It is an irresistible anthem for fans old and new. Whether you're a long-time SCC fan or discovering his music for the first time, "Do It Again" is sure to become a favorite for your playlist.

Plus, by collaborating with two of his all-time favorite musicians from the band Colony House, (Caleb and Will Franklin Chapman), “Do It Again" highlights the synergy of their incredible talents, creating a vibrant and memorable listening experience. Steven’s distinct voice, paired with the dynamic musical backdrop, invites listeners to join in a wonderful celebration of God’s continual show of love for us. 

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