September 10, 2020

Crossroads Music Announces New Single "Trust"


Crossroads Music, a ministry of Crossroads Church -- one of the country's fastest-growing churches based in Cincinnati, Ohio -- has released a new single, "Trust," to digital streaming and sales platforms. 

 Led by director Robbie Reider, Crossroads Music is a collective of worship artists creating music to help their community and the Church connect with God in meaningful ways. Crossroads Music creates and sings music to express the human journey -- from brokenness to wholeness, from seeking to finding and from darkness to light. Their songs display the redemption and restoration of a loving God and the natural responses of gratefulness and worship. Crossroads Music hopes that their songs become not merely the soundtrack of day to day lives, but tools used to give God glory. 

Of the new single, Reider says, "'Trust' was written as a unifying anthem for our church in the midst of what is turning out to be an unforgettable year. It was becoming abundantly clear that through the uncertainty and divided times of our culture, our church is choosing to trust that God will guide us to a better future and will guide us to be better people. He's the God who has made a way for generations and will continue to do so."

With this in mind, Crossroads Music wanted to write a song that expressed their unified loyalty to the Good Shepherd. That even when we don't see what to do, even when we're uncomfortable with where we're being led and even if it comes to choosing death over life, we say:


We trust where You may go / We trust in You alone


Robbie Reider co-wrote "Trust" with team members Austin Livingood, Asher Woletermann, Chris Smith and producer Chad Carouthers. "What we sing informs what we believe and what we do," says Reider. "Our songwriters are writing the theological statements that our people are singing. We must write vertical or vertically inspired songs that are in line with scripture, songs of hope that remind us of what is true, songs that reflect the eternal nature of God." 

Crossroads Church is an interdenominational congregation based in Cincinnati, Ohio and was recently named one of the fastest-growing and third-largest church in the country with a community of 30,000. Under the leadership of Senior Pastor Brian Tome, Crossroads Church meets weekly at 13 locations in Ohio and Kentucky. Their teaching and worship are available through their website, podcasts and Sunday morning live stream (8-10 am EST).