September 11, 2020

'God gave us the words': Jeremy and Adrienne Camp release first joint worship album amid COVID-19

 For Christian singer/songwriter couple Jeremy and Adrienne Camp, writing and recording an album together in the midst of a global pandemic — though unconventional — was an act of worship.

“We’ve led worship together for years and always talked about recording something together, but it never seemed like the right timing,” Jeremy, a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, told The Christian Post. “And then the coronavirus hit.” 

In the last weekend before indoor theaters shut down due to COVID-19, "I Still Believe" — an Erwin brothers film following the true-life story of Camp and his journey of love and loss — opened to roughly $9 million at the box office, beating out several Hollywood blockbusters. 

“We were celebrating what God was doing with our story when they suddenly announced theaters were being shut down,” Jeremy recalled. “Not long after, we found out our tour had to be canceled. It was really difficult. It was like running 100 miles an hour and then suddenly hitting a brick wall.”

Amid disappointment, Jeremy said he felt God speak to his heart, telling him to pick up his guitar. 

“I've had that happen before in the past,” he said. “I don't try to ignore it because God usually speaks to me during those times. I didn’t feel like it, but I got up, went upstairs and began writing.”

It was in this space that Jeremy wrote “Whatever May Come,” a song he told CP is a “declaration that, no matter what happens, whatever we’re facing, we’re going to call on the name of the Lord because He’s the only one that can heal heartbreak.”

After working together on the song bridge, Jeremy and Adrienne recorded “Whatever May Come” and put it on social media — and the response was astounding. Over 7 million people listened to the song, with hundreds sharing how the words brought them hope and encouragement.