February 2, 2021

Andrea Olson" Monument"


Andrea Olson has been leading worship for over 15 years and in 2014, she officially launched Overflow Worship. This ministry for Worship Leaders and teams began as an annual Worship Conference and now also includes Andrea traversing the Midwest leading worship, training worship teams, and equipping church leaders with practical tools to thrive in their ministry. Andrea is now also releasing new songs for the church to sing, and launching Overflow Resource as a tool for churches to use to train their leaders and worship teams. 

One of the songs that Andrea released last year was "Monument." Right in the middle of the chaos of 2020, God put this song on her heart and she knew that she needed to get it out to the Church. The song already has over 66k streams just from Spotify. And on Friday, January 15, Andrea released a surprise radio version of "Monument!" 

This song is based on the Old Testament when the Israelites would make a resolution to stop, build a monument, and worship with all of their hearts in gratitude for what God had brought them through. And then, in the future, when their children asked about the monument, they could respond with a recounting of the miracles that God had performed on their behalf.

Andrea said, "I know we haven't seen the other side of the chaos from this last year, we are still in battle. But I know that God is still working. My prayer is that this song is a declaration of praise and gratitude for what God has already done and what He is going to do."