February 2, 2021

Jonathan Stockstill Releases New Single "You Fight My Battles"

 Jonathan Stockstill announces the release of his newest single, "You Fight My Battles." Written by Jonathan Stockstill and James Stockstill and produced by Matt Edwards, "You Fight My Battles" will be featured on Jonathan's upcoming album scheduled to release on February 19.

Raised in a legacy family, Jonathan Stockstill was born with ministry in his blood. From an early age, it was apparent that Jonathan had a tremendous gift for music. By the age of 30, he had recorded more than 10 albums and personally written over 100 songs. In 2011, Jonathan transitioned from Worship Pastor to Lead Pastor of Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - following in the footsteps of his father, Larry Stockstill, and his grandfather, Roy Stockstill. During the last 10 years, he has taken the church to new heights in both growth and influence. He has opened five new church campuses across Louisiana, started Bethany College and partnered with the Surge Project to plant 3,400 new churches around the globe.

"Having released my last album almost ten years ago, I couldn't be more excited to share this project with everyone," Jonathan said. "The growth I've experienced and the wisdom I've gained while pastoring a church during that time is invaluable, and my music reflects that. Despite the challenges and brokenness that exist today, this song is a testament to the faithfulness of our God and the victory we have in Him as we declare His praise."

In regards to writing "You Fight My Battles," Jonathan said, "I tend to try to figure things out in the natural world. But I went through a season where it seemed like I was facing spiritual attack after spiritual attack. Through that, God reminded me of three key scriptures. The first was Exodus 14:13 when Moses told the Israelites that God would fight for them; all they needed to do was remain calm. The second was 2 Chronicles 20:21 when King Jehoshaphat sent the worshipers ahead of the Israelite army and God fought for them. Finally, I was reminded of Paul and Silas in Acts 16 when they sang to God in the prison and God shook the prison cell in the midnight hour. This song came from the inspiration that if I just focus on praising God, he can and will fight the spiritual battles for me."

Jonathan's brother, James Stockstill, who co-wrote the song and currently serves as the Worship Director at Bethany Church, said, "I feel like in this season, more than ever, people need to know that 'our battles' are not natural, but spiritual! As Christians we live from a place of victory because of what Christ has accomplished...all we have to do is praise God for it. The Bible speaks clearly in so many instances about praise proceeding the victory! I hope this song encourages people to do just that: to sing in the midnight hour, to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus in every circumstance and to know the battle is the Lord's!"

At heart, Jonathan is a creative leader. His musical innovation and leadership style define the best of the new generation of church leaders. He is even looking beyond music and the pulpit to share about Jesus in his newly written book, The Real Jesus: Challenging What You Know About the Greatest Person Who Ever Lived releasing May 4, 2021. Many people's Christianity is not really about Jesus; it's something they inherited culturally. His hope is that this book will equip people to see Jesus as He really is and truly understand what it means to be His disciple.