June 19, 2023

Greg Logins and Revival "Thank You For Loving Me"

Greg Logins lives with his family in Newark, New York but admits that many of his Southern Gospel roots come from Grenada, Mississippi where he grew up in a gospel-music-loving family. His father, Lonnie “Pop” Logins, was instrumental in creating an especially strong family bond. 

The year is 1991; Greg Logins is feeling a major shift in his life with a spiritual fire that is igniting. This spiritual fire was once a spark that was lit by his father, Lonnie “Pops” Logins. His father, Lonnie “Pop” Logins, was instrumental in creating an especially strong family bond. To this day, Greg is grateful to his father for sparking his interest in Southern Gospel music and for teaching him how to love and honor God. From a very young age he has always loved to sing in church. But this particular year was different. God begin to knock on door of his soul and what started out as traveling to a few churches and using his voice for the Lord eventually branded out into being on stage with one of America’s most legendary Southern Gospel groups- Charles Johnson and the Revivers.

 In 2014, he suffered a major loss in his life. It was at this time that his beloved friend and mentor, Charles Johnson, passed away. However, through his feelings of grief and loss, he continued to push through and decided to continue Brother Johnson’s legacy and ministry. It wasn’t too long after that decision was made that he formed Greg Logins and Revival, in honored of Brother Johnson. Greg Logins and Revival quickly began travelling and spreading the message of God abroad. They began travelling from state to state spreading the love of Jesus and were world known and well known on the Gospel music radio stations in a very little amount of time. They were also highly requested on Gospel music radio stations as well.

Greg has had many major accomplishments over his lifetime. He now has his own publishing company known as Greg Logins Publishing. His publishing company has become very successful and is renowned in the Gospel music industry. The name Greg Logins is well known within itself. He has becoming very successful in his travels all over the world. He has had some numerous chart-topping hits along the way as well. His major hit single, “Come by Here”, rose the National Billboard chart. His name has also graced Singing News, SGN Scoops, along with other renowned charts. In 2016, Greg Logins and Revival had the opportunity to perform on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention, where he was awarded prominent New Artist. One of his most memorial moments was when he had the amazing opportunity to sing with the amazing and sensational Williams Brothers. 


Jacob Huber