June 21, 2023

Innaray "Sanctify"

In the words of Innaray, "Sanctify shares a powerful message of God's love and the transformative journey of finding one's true identity. This heartfelt anthem carries a powerful message of surrender, renewal, and the overwhelming love of God, resonating deeply with listeners and leaving a lasting impact. As you bring 'Sanctify' to your audience, prepare to inspire, uplift, and touch the lives of your listeners through the healing and empowering journey that this song offers."

Innaray is a dynamic singer-songwriter who began her musical journey in her local church, blossoming her passion for music into a career. This passion led her to the Berklee College of Music, and it continues to drive her as she writes songs that beautifully blend her faith and her musical prowess.

Innaray's latest track, "Sanctify," is steeped in faith and raw emotion, and was born out of a time when Innaray felt distant from God. It represents her plea for renewal, her journey through her own struggles, and ultimately, the transformative power of God's love.

The emotional depth and universal appeal of "Sanctify" make it a track to connect with deeply. Whether going through a tough time or just needing a song that reassures us of the power of faith and the promise of renewal, "Sanctify" delivers.

Innaray is seeing algorithmic playlists on Spotify activated through her marketing and advertising efforts.



Amanda Collier